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The Rainbow Treatment is a psychedelic rock band from Denver, Colorado. Kinetic, joyous, and steeped in the roots of modern rock — The Rainbow Treatment will cure what ails you.

Their latest singles are Emergency! and Lunch, released in July 2019 by At Night Group.  

The band’s momentum has been building steadily since its inception in late 2017. Following their self-titled EP, The Rainbow Treatment were featured in 303 Magazine’s “New Colorado Music You Should Know,” and played a bombastic spot at Denver’s Underground Music Showcase 2018.  They’ve garnered radio play on iHeartRadio’s 93.3 Modern Rock in Denver, and have been hosted in-studio by Boulder’s Radio 1190. The Rainbow Treatment are known best for their powerful live shows and exciting studio work. 

The band is currently in pre-production for their upcoming album, InfinityLand — an exploration of isolation, modern life, and the masks we wear. Set against a shimmering, psychedelic background, InfinityLand is The Rainbow Treatment finding their sound and running with it. The album is planned for release in January 2020 with accompanying tour dates.

The Rainbow Treatment are Will Rice (vocals/guitar), Nick Wyatt (bass/vocals), Eric Wood (guitar/synth), and Brandon Grande (percussion). 

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